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  Stable Comfort
Stable Comfort is fitted to the wall and out to the door. You never have to lift and clean underneath. Once fitted, your one piece mattress does not allow any seepage under the mattress. The latex waterproof top cover is screwed to the wall and to the floor and the door. You don't have any maintenance.

Stable Comfortis a 2 layer system. The under mattress is filled with recycled Irish tyres. Using recycled tyres means the mattress will remain stable. There is a 7 year guarantee on the under mattress.

The top cover is a latex coated polypropylene fibre mesh sheet. There is a 3 year guarantee on the top sheet.

Stable Comfort
Stable Comfort provides secure grip underfoot even when wet. Making it ideal for wash boxes.

Stable Comfort is an ideal surface to foal on. Stable Comfort will give you the peace of mind to know that when your foal is scrambling around and finding their feet they will get extra grip and protection to prevent any injuries. The mattress can easily be cleaned and disinfected between foalings.

Stable Comfort provides unrivalled horse comfort through a resilient stable surface.

Stable Comfort
Stabled horses spend a lot of time on their feet. Take the jar out of all that standing with Stable Comfort deep mattress and durable latex top cover.

Stable Comfort is a non slip surface that helps reduce pulled muscles and casting. Reduces leg fatigue and tissue fluid accumulation. Stable Comfort provides the best possible indoor environment to ensure optimum leg and joint health for overall comfort with a more natural underfoot grip.

Help your horse rest and recover from competitive stresses and injuries more effectively. Studies have shown that due to the secure footing that Stable Comfort provides, horses will lie down more often on the mattress mirroring how they would spend their day outdoors.

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